A very warm welcome to St Augustine’s!

We’re delighted that you are interested in studying theology, and are here to help you explore the St Augustine’s experience and the range of courses we offer.

We invite you to begin online, and on these pages you’ll find all the information you need about our courses, our locations, how to apply to study theology, and the friendly and inclusive St Augustine’s community.

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Virtual tours

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Diversity and Inclusivity

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Expectations when applying

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Sample a lecture

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Entry requirements

Meeting us in person

We’re confident the information here will give you a great introduction to the College, but nothing really beats talking face-to-face. So whether you are currently in discernment for training for licensed or lay ministry, or looking to study theology for any other reason, we encourage you to meet with us at an early stage of your thinking, either face-to-face, or virtually.

Rather than offer just an old-style university open day, we’d like to invite you to tailor your visit to us in a way that suits you – either online or  in person. This individual approach has proved very popular with our current students, who have told us how important it was to have the chance to get personalised answers to their questions.

We can set up conversations with our Principal, other senior staff and/or current students, any of whom will be pleased to meet you. There is a great deal of flexibility in our course and study options, and we know it can really help for us to get to know each other and explore your options before you make your course decisions.

Many of our current students have told us how important it was to them to be able to discuss their options, and their reasons for wanting to study theology, before making the decision.


If you know you are ready to apply now to study theology for ordination training, licensed lay or pioneer ministry training, or as an independent student on any of our courses, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest in St Augustine’s College of Theology.


To book to sample some teaching, arrange a meeting or a tour of one of our centres please use the contact form on this page or email r.young@staugustinescollege.ac.uk.

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