We value our alumni and derive great encouragement from their continued support and prayers. The Friends and Clergy Friends of St Augustine are an alumni association that take a regular interest in the college, pray for us, and include the college as part of their regular giving. Friends and Clergy friends receive a quarterly newsletter, early invitation to public events, attend special alumni gatherings, have full access to our libraries in both west Malling and Southwark, and receive a special ‘Friends’ discount on degree programs, as well as on our short courses and workshops.

Financial support from the Friends helps us raise the additional money we need to develop the college’s full potential to provide high quality education and ministerial formation. Friends help us improve the resources available to our students, and to contribute, in new ways, to the life of the dioceses and churches in our part of the world.

Over the last year, we have begun a regular program of workshops and short courses for laity, as well as for licensed lay and ordained ministers. Our plan is to extend this initiative in both Southwark and West Malling and, also, to take some of our ‘shows’ on the road to other locations in the South East. Our hopes also include setting up a regular series of public lectures to bring important, contemporary issues before diverse and theologically interested audiences.  We have improved our library holdings and aim to establish particular strengths in Spirituality, Contextual Theology, Mission, and Systematic Theology, as well as working to enhance what we provide electronically. The recent success of our short course in children’s spirituality has inspired us to find ways of encouraging that interest within our region, as well as amongst our students. Then, we have started a bolder program of ecumenical outreach, taking students to Estonia in 2019 and Jerusalem in 2020. All these plans and others, however, need the financial support of our Friends.

If you would like to join the Friends or Clergy Friends of St Augustine, please fill in the membership and donation form.

If you are not yet ready to join the Friends but wish to make a single gift, please follow this link.

We continue to thrive through your prayers and your generosity.