About this course

The Italians apparently have a saying which goes something like ‘all translation is treason‘. This is simply because no two languages are ever identical in grammar or underlying structure, so translation is always – necessarily – a matter of interpretation.

Access to the biblical languages (Hebrew for the Old Testament, and Greek for the New) is therefore richly rewarding in terms of increased understanding the text. Learning these languages can be hard work, but is always worth the effort.

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew; and Beginners & Intermediate New Testament Greek

Dates and venues

West Malling

Autumn term: Wednesdays (22 Sep – 1 Dec, no class 27 Oct)

Winter term: Wednesdays (12 Jan – 9 March, no class 16 Feb)

  • Greek Intermediate (2-3pm)
  • Greek Beginners (3-4pm)

Trinity House, Southwark

Autumn term: Mondays (20 Sep – 29 Nov, no class 25 Oct)

Winter term: Mondays (10 Jan – 7 March, no class 14 Feb)

  • Hebrew Beginners (5-6pm)

These modules aim to give students a grounding in the chosen Biblical language, and a knowledge of the basic tools of translation. It aims to equip students to read a biblical text closely, and thereby support their learning in other subjects, in particular biblical studies. The modules run during the Autumn and Spring Terms, with optional reading sessions in the Summer Term.

Fees £150 per term (free to current students)

“I feel like a sponge that has been put in a bath of water and allowed to soak up the riches of knowledge!”
Vick Young

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