1. About the course

    The Taster Module scheme at St Augustine’s allows you to take a single 20 credit Introduction to Biblical Studies module from our undergraduate programme in theology, ministry and vocation without university accreditation. However, most students on this scheme decide to enrol fully onto our undergraduate programme (i.e. with university accreditation) after successfully completing this module.

    This option is often used by people who are considering ordained or licenced ministry, but who are not yet on a church-sponsored ministerial programme and are unfamiliar with theological study. You are expected to undertake several hours of private study per week and to complete normally two assignments per module.

    To apply to join our Taster Module programme you will need to complete the application form for ‘Taster Modules’.

    For further details on this module see Revd Dr Simon Stocks talking about the class.

  2. Where can I study?

    You can choose to study your modules either through evening classes (Mondays at Southwark, Wednesdays at Malling Abbey); or fortnightly teaching days (Fridays at Malling Abbey).

  3. How much study time is involved?

    You will attend either evening classes or teaching days and normally complete two assignments for each module. You will take one module per term.

    As well as covering all the traditional theological disciplines, the programme provides opportunities to develop skills in theological reflection able to ground a faith based perspective on every aspect of daily life.

    You should expect to devote at least 10 hours of independent study per week.

  4. What will I study?

    Most students take the following Level 4 module as their ‘Taster Module’:

    Introduction to Biblical Studies
    This module introduces you to the contemporary study of Scripture. You learn how to use the major critical tools that scholars employ to interpret the Bible. You shall study how these critical techniques have developed and so understand the story of modern biblical criticism. In this way, this module introduces you to the most important issues raised for Christian life and worship by the study of Scripture.

    For an overview of higher-level modules, visit our Further Undergraduate Study page (Levels 5 and 6) or our Postgraduate Studies page.

  5. Inquiries

    Please Contact Us if you would like more information.