The following gives an overview of our Level 6 undergraduate modules. All modules are worth 20 credits, unless stated otherwise. Exactly which of these modules you will take depends on your pathway through the programme. For modules at different levels, see Level 4, Level 5 and Level 7.


Biblical Studies

The Bible and Christian Faith

This module will explore specific biblical texts and themes from a range of hermeneutical perspectives and bring these to bear on contemporary contexts.

Advanced Biblical Hebrew & Advanced New Testament Greek

Advanced understanding of Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Greek respectively (10 credits each).


Doctrine & Church History

Christian Doctrine in Focus

This module focuses on the Christian doctrines of Trinity, creation and the person and work of Jesus Christ. It studies how these areas of Christian doctrine have been subject to critique within and outside the Church in modernity and post-modernity, and examines various constructive theological responses to such critique, for example, Radical Orthodoxy and post-liberal theology.

Church History in Focus

This module will explore one or more important areas of church history and will typically include a focus on the Protestant Reformations. It will include study of relevant primary sources; consideration of the chosen area’s connections to the wider history of Christian life and thought; and attention to the relationships between this historical area and contemporary Christian practice and experience.


Christian Spirituality

Texts and Traditions in Christian Spirituality

(not available if already taken at Level 5)

This module aims to engage with a range of voices from the Christian spiritual tradition in relation to disciplines of academic study, including disciplines shared by non-theological subject areas. It introduces students to the study of spirituality as well as to a range of texts from the writings of great figures within the tradition of Christian spirituality.


Reflective Practice, Ministry & Mission

Further Reflective Practice in Context

This placement‑based module explores the various contexts of Christian ministry and examines the particular opportunities and challenges arising from them, and develops the skills needed to meet them effectively. A placement offers the opportunity to experience, and reflect upon, the various ways in which theology is understood and Christian responsibility exercised in the realms of business, civic organisation, or politics

Christian Theology, Ritual and Pastoral Care

In this module, you shall learn the theory and develop some of the skills for effective Christian pastoral ministry. You will reflect on the various settings for pastoral ministry and also upon the discernment and sensitivities they require. The module also examines the relationship between pastoral care and mission. (Ordination training students shall also study pastoral theology and practice in relation to sexuality and marriage, as well as to bereavement ministry and funerals.) The placement element of this module is an extended placement in pastoral ministry.

Further Engagement with Ministry and Worship in Context

This module draws on ideas about reflective practice in order to prepare students for sustaining a transformative ministry as enablers of worship and discipleship in local churches. It explores three core areas of congregational ministry: leading worship, preaching, and Christian nurture and education. The placement-based element of this module extends the student’s experience of ministry in each of these areas through placement in a church new to the student

Specific Foci for Reflective Practice

The following modules are used primarily for diocesan curacy training programmes (IME Phase 2).

  • Inhabiting Public Ministry
  • Spirituality and Ministry
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Law and the Public Minister
  • Leadership and Collaboration
  • Christian Worship


Independent Study

Independent Learning Project

This module provides an opportunity to undertake self-directed study on a topic of the student’s choice under the supervision of a tutor.

Dissertation in Theology, Ministry and Mission

This module offer students the opportunity to do an extended piece of work under supervision from one of the staff on a topic of interest to them. (40 credits)

Extended Project in Theology, Ministry and Mission

The module aims to provide an opportunity to apply previous theological, ministerial or missional learning to a particular piece of practice. This will normally be associated with the development of a specific opportunity to enhance the Christian life of a congregation or group, although it may also pertain to a non-ecclesial social or work-based setting. The module aims to enhance students’ reflective practice as they work in situations calling for theological acumen, ministerial proficiency and pastoral sensitivity. (40 credits)

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