“For God gives the Spirit without measure… ,” John 3.34.

St Augustine’s holds regular short courses and workshops on a range of topics designed to enliven and inform your Christian life. You can learn more about the Bible, enrich your prayer, enjoy a ‘how to’ guide to theology, discover the fascinating world of children’s spirituality, engage with some of the most challenging issues of our time, and much more.

Malling Abbey


How do I make decisions with God?  Decision making in the Ignatian tradition.

Revd Susanne Carlsson  (£30 for 2 sessions)

Wednesday, 13th March and Wednesday, 20th March 2019  (6:30-9pm)

This workshop will look at how to make decisions through prayer, drawing on the insights from Ignatius of Loyola and his spiritual exercises.  The day will involve both theoretical input and practical reflection on our own decision making.


Faith and fashion: Is fashion a divine blessing?

Revd Liz Resch

Wednesday, 22 May 2019  (6:30-pm) / £15

“And the Lord God made garments of skins ….. And clothed them .”  Genesis 3 v 21.  Western society can be consumed with a desire for more, particularly when it comes to clothes.  How does our Christian faith interface with the world of fashion?  Join us as we ask can fashion be a divine blessing?  How might believers live in a culture of fast fashion, consuming and throwing away more than we’d like to contemplate?  What of creativity, colour and expression?

Trinity House

4 Chapel Court, off Borough High Street  SE1 IHW


Kick-start preaching

Revd Ellen Eames

Monday, 25th February and Monday, 4 March 2019  (6:30-9pm) / £30 pp

Have you been preaching for a while and would like a refresher?  Is your training in preaching a distant memory – or perhaps you were never really taught preaching in the first place?  Kick-start preaching is a two-session course for the preachers who want to revisit some basics and re-commit themselves to the ministry of preaching.  We will cover key areas of homiletics including biblical exegesis, sermon structures, and delivery, and explore some new resources to support your sermon inspiration?

Praying into Scripture: A Practical Guide to Ignatian Prayer and Imagination

Revd Dr Susanne Carlsson

Monday, 11th March and Monday, 18th March 2019 (6:30-9pm)/ £30 pp

You will be introduced to one of the richest traditions of Christian and meditation.  The Ignatian approach is especially compelling because of the way we are invited to bring our imaginations into the daily life of prayer.

The Gloomy Prophet? Jeremiah for Today

Dr Robin Plant (£15)

Monday, 25th March 2019  (6:30-9pm) / £15

Jeremiah is a chaotic book for chaotic times, climaxing in the destruction of Jerusalem and deportation of its people.  But out of this trauma came some of the Bible’s most profound insights, including the suffering of God and the gift of a new covenant.  Join us to discover more, and how Jeremiah even foreshadows Jesus himself.

Islam for Anglicans

Revd Dr Stephen Laird

Monday, 13th May and Monday, 20th May 2019  (6:30-pm) / £15 per evening

A fast-paced, well-illustrated, reliable and thorough introduction to Islam over 2 weeks which is ideal for ‘the intelligent person in the pew’!     See here for further details.


The fifth Gospel: Isaiah’s good news

Dr Robin Plant

Monday, 3rd June 2019 (6:30-pm) / £15 per evening

Quoted over 400 times in New Testament, Isaiah is sometimes called ‘the fifth Gospel’.  We heard snatches from it at Christmas and Easter, and echo it in our hymns.  But what is the book as a whole is about?  In this workshop we will focus on its stunning vision of God, and its passion for justice and faithfulness in society.




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