Raewynne Whiteley

"I am passionate about helping people make connections between God’s world and ours, between God’s word and our lives."

Raewynne is Deputy Director of Discipleship and Lay Ministry in the Diocese of Southwark, where her work focusses on the development of a wide range of lay ministries in the diocese, and the discernment, selection, and training of candidates; she was previously the Vocations Missioner, working with those exploring both lay and ordained vocations.  She serves as an Area Director of Ordinands, and assists in a parish as well as preaching throughout the diocese.

Raewynne grew up in Australia, where she completed degrees in Psychology and Women’s Studies, before training for ordained ministry.   After her curacies, she moved to the US to complete a PhD in Practical Theology (Homiletics) at Princeton Theological Seminary, writing on the relationship between word and sacrament in the English Reformation.  She then spent 15 years in parish ministry in New Jersey and Long Island (New York), and has taught homiletics and theology in diocesan theological education programs, as well as serving as Canon Theologian of the Diocese of Long Island. She is a member of the Academy of Homiletics, where for many years she convened the history working group.  She also worked with the Australian Consulate in New York following 9/11

Raewynne is also a certified ski instructor, enjoys reading, knitting, and riding her magic electric bicycle.  She is a proud godmother of 5, delights in spending time with her nephew and niece in Norfolk, and is owned by her small grey cat, Abelard.


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