About the course

‘Opening the Word’ is for anyone preparing to study theology who wishes to improve their writing and comprehension skills.  Writing assignments, reading closely and reflectively, commenting on theological and biblical texts are all part of theological study, not to mention that we also need these skills in ministry.  ‘Opening the Word’ offers students an excellent, theologically relevant grounding in comprehension and writing suitable for those intending to study for ordained or lay ministry at undergraduate level.

To apply to join ‘Opening the Word’ you will need to complete the opening the word application form.

For further details, please contact our admissions team.

Times and Places

‘Opening the Word’ runs for two terms of eight session and is offered in both our Southwrk and West Malling locations.  The cost of the course is £700.

  • Mondays in Trinity House, Southwark 7-8:30pm (worship at 6:30pm – optional)
  • Wednesdays at West Malling, Kent 7-8:30pm (worship at 6:30pm – optional)
  • Fridays at West Malling, Kent 9-10:30pm (worship at 10:30am – optional)

Our Goals

  • to develop skills in writing and comprehension necessary for beginning undergraduate studies in theology and ministry;
  • to facilitate, through practice, engagement with the different purposes and styles of writing relevant to studies in theology and ministry;
  • to introduce and practise the analysis of texts relevant to studies in theology and ministry;
  • to provide an initial familiarity with critical thinking and practices of study and inquiry, as well as organisational approaches for writing formal undergraduate level assignments in theology and ministry.

Is this for me?

Mean and women called to ministry today have enjoyed – or suffered! – widely different educational experiences.  If you have done little writing in the past, if the word ‘academic’ makes you want to hide, if study of any kind happened a long time ago, if you struggle with dyslexia, or if your previous studies simply did not involve much writing, this course is designed for you.  The primary purpose of ‘Opening the Word’ is to secure confidence and competence in writing and comprehension.


Please Contact Us if you would like more information.