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Transforming formation

Theology to match your stage of life

Explore faith through study

No other academic subject engages and changes you as does the study of theology.

Theology isn’t just about learning: it’s about doing. At St Augustine’s, you will look to stretch, affirm, guide and live your faith.

Whether you are studying theology or training for ordination, you’ll find your academic and spiritual home here at St Augustine’s.

Find out who you can become, in a place where you truly belong.

“What we shall be is yet to be revealed.”

1 John 3:2

  • “Discover what God is making of you, and be surprised.” St Augustine’s Principal Rev Dr Alan Gregory explores just how transformational theological study can be.

Routes into theological study

What kind of learning journey will you embark upon at St Augustine’s? Begin by finding out which course or theology programme might suit you best.

Ordination training

Prepare your heart, mind and soul to undertake ordination in the Church of England.

Theological study

Explore your faith in the light of new knowledge and study theology in a way that suits you.

Explore faith through study

Renew your joy and hope in God by deepening your understanding of Christian theology, practice and prayer.

We offer a diverse range of theology courses suitable for all academic backgrounds, from seasoned learners to curious beginners.

Even if school or university hasn’t been the best experience for you, we’ll support you to find your own study style and excel academically.

“My studies are making my foundations deeper and broader. I feel more confident and my faith is deeper and stronger despite (or perhaps because of) the inevitable challenge of studying theology!”

Katrina, an ordinand studying at St Augustine’s

Exciting, accessible learning

Discover theological study that encourages you to connect joyfully with God and the world around you.

Not sure if you’re ready to dive into a full degree programme? Find out what theological study is all about with our accessible taster modules.

Experience a flavour of theological study with a popular module in theology. Learn over a single term, studying in person or online.

Upcoming events

Where there is worship, there is community – and you don’t need to be a student to join ours!

Check out our upcoming virtual and in-person events.

Your study experience

As a student of St Augustine’s, you can expect responsive support, helpful resources, and a lively community waiting to welcome you to your academic home.

  • To ensure you’re getting the most from your academic experience, Suzy Gregory and the student support team are on hand to offer guidance, resources, and pastoral support.

Student support

Engaging in academic study can be both deeply rewarding and challenging at times. Our student support team are on hand to help you with:

  • learning how to engage in theological study and to write in an academic style
  • managing feelings of anxiety or apprehension about your studies

  • accessing regular, discreet pastoral support online or in person.

Your studies are only one part of your St Augustine’s experience – make the most of every moment with the right support.

“The staff are always on hand for help; you can go to any one of them with an issue. They will consistently go the extra mile to offer personalised support. It’s a family here.”


an ordinand studying at St Augustine’s

Life at St. Augustine’s

What will your time as a student of theology involve? There’s so much to experience as a St Augustine’s student – lectures are just the beginning.

  • Meet, befriend and learn with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and theological traditions.

  • Whether you’re in a lecture hall or a virtual classroom, discover your own way of learning.

  • Step outside the classroom and enrich your learning with placement opportunities.

Tap into the transformative, faith-expanding power of theological study by making the most of your academic experience.

students have received financial support from our bursary since 2019
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students should be prevented from studying due to funding

Fees and funding

Once you’ve found the theological course that suits you as a theological student, take a look at our costs and pricing structure.

  • Get an accurate insight into fees for each course, including full and part-time study.
  • Compare fees across different courses and figure out what works best for you.
  • Learn about our financial support and whether you’re eligible for funding or bursaries.

At St Augustine’s, we understand that the cost-of-living crisis has affected us all in some way. Finance shouldn’t be a barrier to theological study and, where possible, we’ll find a way to welcome all students into our learning community.

  • Take a virtual tour of St Augustine’s West Malling campus, nestled in the heart of historic Malling Abbey in Kent.

“Learning about our Christian faith changes us; learning to live that faith as the form of Christ in the world changes both us and the world.”

Rev Dr Alan Gregory
Principal of St Augustine’s College of Theology

About St Augustine’s College of Theology

St Augustine’s College of Theology is a bold, adventurous and welcoming community of learners, teachers and academics.

As a leading provider of non-residential education, we provide a spiritual home to those preparing for ordination in the Church of England as well as students engaged in independent theological study.

Through heartfelt study of Christian theology, we invite our students to dive into spiritual learning and explore the depths of their faith.