Bursaries and financial support

It is a belief that is strongly held at St Augustine’s that no prospective student should have to forgo study because of financial constraints.

If you are a student who might benefit from financial support in order to study with us, there are a number of ways you can access this help.

If you an ordinand, your course fees will be covered by your church or diocese. However, you can still claim reimbursements for certain study-related costs.

The Tattersall Bursary Fund

The Tattersall Bursary Fund provides financial support to St Augustine’s students.

If your personal financial circumstances might prohibit or limit your studying with us, you can apply for funding through this bursary.

Key information about the Tattersall Bursary Fund

  • There are no set amounts or limits on how much funding can be awarded to a particular student.
  • The amount of funding awarded is decided on a case-by-case basis and is subject to availability.

  • The bursary is not restricted to course fees; for example, students can apply for financial support to cover costs for travel to campuses and book purchases.
  • Applying for the bursary is simple and non-intrusive, and any funding awarded is kept private.


The bursary is named after John Tattersall, who served as St Augustine’s treasurer for 12 years before laying down his abacus in 2019 to move on to other ventures.

The college greatly misses John’s guidance and wisdom as treasurer and trustee, as well as his exuberant enthusiasm for the college. In John’s honour, the college launched a new bursary fund to support people studying theology.

Anyone who requires financial support in order to engage in theological study can apply.

While criteria are necessary to ensure fair treatment of applicants, applicants will not be subject to unnecessary or intrusive enquiries about, for example, their financial situation. A certain level of trust is incorporated into the process.

You can apply for funding before you enrol in your course. Current students are also invited to apply if, for example, their financial circumstances change during their studies.

Ordinands and those training for licensed lay ministry have their fees paid by their supporting diocese and so are not eligible for support from this fund.

If you are applying for funding through the Tattersall Bursary, it would be expected that you do not have the financial resources to undertake or complete a course of study.

To support your application, we ask you to provide:

  • a brief statement as to why you are applying for the bursary (detailed figures or financial documentation are not required)
  • a supporting statement from a responsible person: ideally, your minister or someone else in a position of responsibility in your church or diocese.

For more information about the bursary or if you wish to submit an application, please get in touch with our administrative support team. Any personal information you choose to share will be treated in absolute confidence.

You will not be able to apply for or access financial support through the Tattersall Bursary Fund in order to undertake any kind of taster module.

You are welcome to apply for funding after completing your first taster module, if you choose to go on to further study.

Donate to the Tattersall Bursary Fund

The Tattersall Bursary Fund relies on the fundraising efforts and donations of St Augustine’s staff, students, alumni and other supporters.

If you’d like to make a donation and support students who may not otherwise be able to engage in theological study, we’d be very grateful!

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Other grants and funds

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