From the Principal

‘Learning about our Christian faith changes us; learning to live that faith as the form of Christ in the world changes both us and the world.’ The first is theology, the second, ministry, and they belong together.

At St Augustine’s College of Theology, we’ve been providing non-residential theological education since 1959. Our community, dispersed across the South East, equips our students for the practical knowledge of God, the knowledge that changes things and makes its mark on us and those we serve.

Whether our students prepare for ordained ministry or for licensed lay ministry, or engage with theology for their personal interest, or as part of a process of vocational discernment, each one learns to develop their understanding of Christian faith and practice in constant interaction with the contexts of daily life and local Church witness. We provide formation that is transforming, that promotes personal, intellectual, and spiritual change, that together we might “grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ” (Eph. 4.15).

I think that the quality of both learning and community at St Augustine’s is quite unusual; there is a distinct vitality, a readiness among our students and staff for the exhilarating difficulties of Christian learning and formation.

As a student here, you will discover, too, a common life in which your learning is encouraged and supported, so that the changes it brings and the challenges it poses gladden the heart and move the will. The truth is that God grants us more than we expect of ourselves, and inspires us with hope for the world He loves. As the first epistle of John puts it: since our lives are held in the gracious mystery of God, “what we shall be is yet to be revealed” (1 John 3.2).

I hope you will choose St Augustine’s as the community within which you will exceed your expectations as you begin the learning and formation to which God is calling you.’
The Revd Dr Alan Gregory Principal