Diploma/BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Stretch and affirm yourself and your faith with compelling theological study at undergraduate level, including part-time study and online learning options.

Key info

  • Next enrollment: Applications now open for September 2024
  • Duration: 4 to 6 years for part-time study / 2 to 3 years for full-time study
  • Location:

  • Entry requirements: 2 A levels (or equivalent qualifications)
  • Qualification level:

    • Diploma in Higher Education (DipHE) in Theology, Ministry and Mission
    • BA (Hons) in Theology, Ministry and Mission
  • Award/study level: Levels 4 to 6

  • Cost: From £6,200 (for 2 years)

Take a look at the kind of study experience you can have as part of the St Augustine’s learning community.

About the course

Accredited by Durham University, this course provides you with an exciting opportunity to stretch and affirm yourself and your faith by diving into the transformative world of theological study.

Over the course of your studies you’ll develop an array of skills in theological reflection, pursue wisdom to better observe the ways of God in the world, and ground yourself in a faith-based perspective of every aspect of daily life. You will engage in a range of theological study, including:

  • studying Biblical texts and Scripture
  • learning about Christian doctrine
  • examining the history of the Church
  • exploring subjects like ethics, worship and liturgy.

Alongside compelling classroom learning, there’s a significant practical component to the course. This allows you to connect your ongoing class-based learning with activities in your church, your workplace, in the public arena, or elsewhere.

For those studying at degree level, you will have the opportunity to undertake either an Independent Learning Project or a dissertation/extended project. This allows you to deepdive into topics or contexts that are of particular interest to you.

“Returning to formal education following a 30-year break was a scary prospect.

However, I found the college to be a challenging but supportive environment in which I was able to flourish and achieve more than I ever thought possible.”

Sue Shortman
Part-time BA student, Southwark

Your fellow students

At St Augustine’s, you’ll learn and challenge yourself alongside your fellow students, exchanging knowledge and insight to enrich your own study experience.

You’ll share your classrooms with a range of people from all walks of life pursuing theological study for their own reasons. Many of our students choose to study with us in order to:

  • enrich their understanding of their Christian faith
  • train for ordination or licensed lay ministry
  • engage in study to better serve Christ in their daily lives
  • explore academic learning as part of their vocational discernment.

Whatever your reason for studying, you will do so as part of our distinct and valued learning community.

“This experience has already changed me. It’s strengthened my thinking and ability in practical situations and facilitated personal reflection. It’s good to have undertaken such relevant and constructive study and training!”

Sally Nicholas
Part-time BA student, Southwark

Katrina shares her experience of studying alongside her fellow students and learning about different perspectives and ways of worship.

Discover what it’s like to study at St Augustine’s

Come along to one of our open-day style taster events. Meet the staff, chat with fellow students, sit in on classes, and join us in worshipping together.

How will I be studying?

Undergraduate studies at St Augustine’s are designed to be flexible and accessible, so you can choose how best to study depending on your unique needs and interests.

The BA (Hons) is a full undergraduate course where you can achieve three consecutive stages of academic qualification. These are:

  1. Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) in Theology, Ministry and Mission*
  2. Diploma in Higher Education (DipHE) in Theology, Ministry and Mission
  3. BA (Hons) in Theology, Ministry and Mission

As part of your studies for this course, you will choose whether to study up to the Diploma (stage two) or the BA (stage three). You will also choose whether you’d like to engage in full-time or part-time study.

This route involves studying for your Certificate before moving on to achieve your Diploma. The duration of your studies will depend on your preference:

  • full-time study over two years
  • part-time study over four years.

This route involves studying for your Certificate, then your Diploma, before achieving your BA. The duration of your studies will depend on your preference:

  • full-time study over three years
  • part-time study over six years.

If you choose to study for the Diploma in Higher Education, you can easily continue your studies to BA level if you wish.

* Some students choose to begin their academic endeavours by completing just the first stage of the BA: the Certificate of Higher Education.

Lecturer Rev Dr Stephen Laird talks about part-time study at St Augustine’s, and how easily you can fit learning around your life, work and family commitments.

What are the modules?

You will take the following modules depending on whether you opt for the Diploma or the BA.

The Diploma in Higher Education (Level 5) typically involves taking six of the following modules:

  • Christian Faith and Ethical Living
  • Biblical Studies
  • Reflective Practice in Context
  • Texts and Traditions in Christian Spirituality
  • Mission and Evangelism
  • Sacramental Theology and Ministry
  • Independent Learning Project.

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During study for your BA (Level 6), you will take modules from the following list. Please be aware that not all modules are offered each year:

  • Christian Doctrine in Focus
  • The Bible and Christian Faith
  • Church History in Focus
  • Further Reflective Practice in Context
  • Independent Learning Project
  • Dissertation in Theology, Ministry and Mission
  • Extended Project in Theology, Ministry and Mission.

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Suzy and some students talk about the support at St Augustine’s, particularly for students who are new to university-level study.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on how you’ve chosen to study (part-time or full-time), there are a range of locations and study modes available.

Part-time students

If you are a part-time student, you can attend:

  • weekly evening classes at our Southwark campus, Trinity House (Mondays)
  • depending on the module, an online option will be available
  • fortnightly teaching days at our West Malling campus, Malling Abbey (Fridays).

Full-time students

If you are a full-time student, you will take double the number of modules and will, therefore, attend a combination of the following options:

  • two sets of weekly evening classes at our Southwark campus
  • weekly evening classes at Southwark, plus fortnightly teaching days at West Malling
  • weekly teaching days at West Malling.

Please note that teaching for the Reflective Practice placement module may involve alternative/additional Saturday teaching days.

Alongside your studies, all St Augustine’s students are invited to attend our annual Theological Symposium, held in Canterbury.

The amount of study time typically required depends on how you’ve chosen to undertake the course.


  • You will typically take one module per term; each module involves two written assignments.
  • You can expect to dedicate at least ten hours of study time a week outside the classroom.


  • You will typically take two modules each term; each module involves two written assignments.
  • You can expect to dedicate at least twenty hours a week outside the classroom for study time.

All students will also undertake a placement during the Diploma stage of the programme.

Anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of Christian faith and practice can apply for this course, including those who are preparing to engage in ordination training.

You do not need to have previous experience of studying at university level in order to successfully apply for the BA. However, we recommend that applicants have two A levels at grade E or higher, or equivalent qualifications.

While you will need to be a regular member of a church or engage in regular worship to apply, you do not need to have any particular role or experience within that church. We welcome students from any denomination.

If you wish to engage in theological study but are unsure whether you’re ready to commit to longer-term study, you may wish to explore the Certificate of Higher Education or Taster Modules as alternative study options.

Your course fees will depend on how you choose to engage in study. Take a look at the tables below for more information.

Part-time (4 years) Full-time (2 years)
Diploma in Higher Education (DipHE) £3,100 per year
(£12,400 total)
£6,200 per year
(£12,400 total)
Part-time (6 years) Full-time (4 years)
BA (Hons) £3,100 per year
(£18,600 total)
£3,100 per year
(£12,400 total)

Both options described above include study for the Certificate of Higher Education in the first year or two years (depending whether you’re a full-time or part-time student).

You can also choose to study for your Certificate first, rather than engaging in further undergraduate study at Diploma or BA level.

As part of our commitment to making theological studies accessible to all, we have established the Tattersall Fund. This fund provides bursaries in support of students whose personal circumstances may mean that finance is a barrier to their studying.

Applying for a bursary to help towards the cost of fees, books or travel is simple and non-intrusive. Find out more about bursaries and how to apply.

Theology books on the shelves St Augustine's Trinity House library

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