Studying at St Augustine’s

Experience a fulfilling and spiritually engaging student experience and pursue your own unique formation.

Theological study is about pushing the boundaries of who you can be through heartfelt, faith-expanding formation.

In order for you to get the most from your formation, you need a student experience that suits your exact needs and allows you to make the most of your time studying theology.

From flexible study options for fitting learning around your life, to specialist student support and study skills coaching – there is so much more to your St Augustine’s experience than what you’ll learn in the classroom.

Theology student Tom talks about his study experience, especially learning about the lives and modes of worship of his fellow students.

Thinking of studying at St Augustine’s?

Are you preparing to train for ordination or starting to think about studying theology? Find out more about pathways to study, course fees, and the application process.

“You will find theology the most engaging subject that you could possibly study because you, yourself, are at stake in it.”

Revd Dr Alan Gregory,
Principal of St Augustine’s

Discover what it’s like to study at St Augustine’s

Come along to one of our open-day style taster events. Meet the staff, chat with fellow students, sit in on classes, and join us in worshipping together.

Your student experience

Your experience as a student at St Augustine’s is about so much more than what you’ll learn in the classroom.

Katrina shares her experience of training for ordination at St Augustine’s; a place where she felt welcomed and encouraged to grow in herself.