Studying theology at St Augustine’s

Explore your faith and transform who you can be through heartfelt theological study

Choosing to engage in passionate theological study can be one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences we can hope to have.

Engage in spiritually enriching study and discover a theology course where you can explore and affirm your faith through learning.

Study and discover alongside your fellow scholars. Join us on campus or in online classrooms and meet students from all backgrounds, traditions and walks of life.

Embrace the possibilities of change in the potential of God’s love and find out what formation feels like for you.

Our most popular courses

Theology taster modules

Get a flavour for theological study and start learning with accessible, one-off modules.

Certificate of Higher Education

Begin your theological studies. Now available to study exclusively online.

MA and postgraduate study

Expand your knowledge with engaging theological study at postgraduate level.

Find your level of learning

Whether you’re new to university-level learning or an experienced academic, you’ll find a programme of study to suit you.

Introductory learning

Get a taste of real theological study or enrich yourself with a free language learning course.

You can also search for your ideal theology course based on your specific needs and interests.

Someone looks over the bible

Single module of study

Taster modules

Get a taste for studying theology. Take just one module over a single term to see if theology is right for you.

Free learning
Biblical languages

Explore the world of Biblical languages with this accessible and fun introductory course.

Undergraduate study

Ideal for students new to academic study or graduates interested in expanding their theological knowledge.

You can also search for your ideal theology course based on your specific needs and interests.

Student studying at St Augustine's

Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Faith-expanding theological study. New for 2023! Check out the online-only version of this course.

Diploma or BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Choose your level of study and transform yourself through heartfelt learning.

Postgraduate and MA-level options

Build upon an existing foundation of learning in theology or ministry at undergraduate or equivalent level.

Want to get an idea of what study at postgraduate level is like? Explore our Taster Modules and give MA-level learning a try.

Students at St Augustine's College

Postgraduate study in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Deepen your understanding and stretch your faith with MA-level theological learning.

Graduate Diploma or Certificate in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Dive back into theological study, building on previous academic learning.

Discover what it’s like to study at St Augustine’s

Come along to one of our open-day style taster events. Meet the staff, chat with fellow students, sit it on classes, and join us in worshipping together.

Your student experience

When it comes to getting the most from your theological student experience, the details of the course syllabus are just the start.

Theological study should be accessible to anyone who wishes to engage with it. We offer a range of courses, from Certificates in Higher Education to postgraduate study.

There’s also lots of flexibility in how you can study, with full and part-time learning options and modules taught exclusively online.

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While it can be very rewarding, academic study is also a challenging experience for almost every student.

Our student support team are there to help you, from mentoring students who are new to or out of practice in academic-style writing to offering regular pastoral care and emotional support.

Learn more about student support

While they vary significantly, our three key teaching sites are all engaging and welcoming learning spaces.

There’s our main campus, a leafy, sun-dappled converted abbey in Kent, our sleek London base just off bustling Borough Market, and for remote learners, our online classrooms!

Explore our locations

The specific course fees you will pay will depend on what kind of degree you wish to study. If you’re a part-time student, you may be able to pay over a longer period of time.

Plus, you may be eligible for our bursary. It goes without saying that if you do not apply, you will never know whether a St Augustine’s education would have been possible. Not all applicants are successful, but assistance terms can be generous to those who are, though this will not amount to free education.

We also offer a Transformational Bursary to a limited number of students whose circumstances warrant full financial support.

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Unlike many other colleges, we accept applications throughout the year. For most of our undergraduate courses, you don’t need to have recent academic experience to be accepted.

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“The standard of teaching at St Augustine’s is second to none and the staff are very accessible, approachable and supportive – and so are my fellow students.”

Barry Knott
Alumnus of St Augustine’s and Curate of Canterbury Diocese

“Formation grows people up faster than anything else; it stretches them and pushes them into shapes they didn’t know they could have. One of the discoveries they make along the way is that stretching doesn’t break them, it develops them.”

Rev Emma Ham-Riche

St Augustine’s ordinand

The power of formation

You may have heard the word “formation” used by us to describe both the experience and outcome of your theological studies.

Formation is an intentional, personal development journey you will undertake to become more Christ-like.

Formation is deep work. Interacting closely with others with differing backgrounds and perspectives will allow you to shape your beliefs, desires and hopes – as well as develop your knowledge, understanding and critical skills.

At St Augustine’s, we provide the space, challenge and opportunity for you to flourish in your journey to be who God has created you to be.