Life at St Augustine’s

As a student at St Augustine’s, you will dive into study that will deepen and stretch your faith, allowing you to attune yourself to the challenges of God.

You’ll join a community that gives you the grace to explore your own formation, and you’ll learn alongside your fellow students in a non-residential setting.

“I explored a couple of colleges and felt that St Augustine’s size enabled more personal interaction between students and staff, which suited me; it felt very warm and welcoming.”

Ordinand and St Augustine’s

Who will you be studying alongside?

When you enrol as a student at St Augustine’s, you become an important part of a thriving, diverse community of theology students and ordinands.

Our student community includes:

  • people who have chosen to study theology for their own reasons, such as enriching their understanding of their Christian faith

  • ordinands who are following a call to ministry, undertaking training for Anglican ordained ministry or licensed lay ministry.

Many of our students have decided to pursue theological study or ordination training later in life. If you are planning on fitting study around work, family, care or volunteer commitments, you’ll be in good company!

While some of our students have previous experience of academic learning, many enrol having never undertaken degree-level study before. Our student support team is on hand to offer all students practical help and guidance.

Find out more about who you’ll be studying alongside and learn about how the diversity of our student community can impact your formation.

Some of the St Augustine's team in 2018

Meet the staff and faculty

Our faculty of teaching and support staff are here to make sure your student experience is as fulfilling as possible – both academically and spiritually.

Whether you’re wrestling with something you’ve heard in a lecture or searching for support during your studies, your lecturers, tutors and principal will be happy to help you.

Discover life at St Augustine’s

Come along to one of our open-day style taster events. Meet the staff, chat with fellow students, sit in on classes, and join us in worshipping together.

Where and how will you study at St Augustine’s?

When you’re studying theology or training for ordination, it’s vital that you can access learning in such a way that suits you.

Non-residential theological study

St Augustine’s is a non-residential college of theology. This means that students are not required to live on campus or in student accomodation as they might otherwise be in a more traditional university set-up.

Instead, you and your fellow students will travel to your chosen campus to attend classes (or attend remotely via online classes). This means that as long as you live within what you judge to be a reasonable proximity to either our London or Kent campuses, you can enrol with us.

Worship together as part of your studies

As part of your student experience and ongoing formation, we invite you to join us in worship and prayer if and when it feels right for you.

Classes typically begin and/or end with a prayer, which is an opportunity to give thanks for wisdom and insight that draws us closer to God. If you’re attending classes at Malley Abbey, there is also an afternoon service held after classes finish which you are welcome to attend.

Attend classes on campus or remotely

St Augustine’s campuses are based in the South East of England. As a student, you’ll choose whether to attend classes at either campus (or in some cases, both).

  • The West Malling campus, where you’ll attend Friday classes from 10am to 4pm in the tranquil and sun-soaked Malling Abbey.
  • The Southwark campus, where you’ll attend convenient evening classes at Trinity House, our modern campus building in the heart of central London.

Many of our courses allow you to learn remotely, via online classes. While the majority of courses require an element of in-person learning, some are taught exclusively online; find out which by exploring our course page.

Finding your formation

Whatever your background, experience, or Church tradition, your experience studying theology or training for ordination will involve you in mind, heart and spirit.

Your time learning at St Augustine’s is an opportunity to explore and embrace personal, intellectual and spiritual change. This unveiling of who you might be is known as ‘formation’.

As a student or ordinand, you will not be required to conform to any fixed standard. You are not expected to come out the other side of your formation as a certain ‘type’ of person.

Formation is about finding out who you are. Our mission is to help you make that discovery through heartfelt, faithful and transformational study.

Developing your spiritual maturity

As part of facilitating your unique journey towards formation, St Augustine’s will do everything in our power to encourage and support you as you develop your spiritual maturity.

As you engage in theologically reflective practice, you will be given the tools and wisdom to pursue profound personal change. You will find yourself evolving beyond your expectations, discovering unanticipated strengths and capacities, and learning that grace exceeds dreams.

Through your experience as a student, you will renew and reaffirm your commitment to lifelong formation.

College Chaplain Rev Harriet Johnson describes the sense of community across the college, and how many different Church traditions are represented.

What will you be studying?

Depending on whether you are studying theology or training for ordination or licensed lay ministry, your pathway to study may differ.

Ordination training

Prepare your heart, mind and soul for ministry with training for Anglican ordained ministry or licensed lay ministry.

Studying theology

Prepare your heart, mind and soul for ministry with training for Anglican ordained ministry or licensed lay ministry.

Next steps

Take the next step on your journey into studying theology.

Need help or have a question? Contact our admissions team for further assistance.