Meet the staff and faculty of St Augustine’s

Learn more about the tutors, teachers, chaplains and administrative teams dedicated to supporting the students of St Augustine’s.

Whether you’re studying theology or training for ordination, you should be able to turn to the very best people to facilitate your learning and nurture your personal formation.

The staff at St Augustine’s – from our passionate and highly qualified teaching faculty to our responsive admin team – are here to ensure you can make the most of your time with us.

St Augustine’s is also one big community where staff and students learn, worship and pray together. Side by side, we’ll explore our capacity for growth, both in our practice and in our understanding of our faith in Christ.

“I have felt wholeheartedly supported by every single member of staff at St Augustine’s. The more I learn, the more my faith is opened up to me. Personally, this has been life changing.”

Jeanette Kennett
Part-time ordinand at St Augustine’s

Core staff

The core staff at St Augustine’s are here to offer you practical and spiritual guidance, administrative support and academic assistance.

Alan Gregory


Becky Young

Head of Operations

Simon Stocks, Senior Tutor and Tutor for Biblical Studies at St Augestine's

Simon Stocks

Senior Tutor and Tutor for Biblical Studies

Suzy Gregory

Tutor for Writing, Study Skills and Singing

Guido de Graaff

Director of Studies & Tutor for Christian Doctrine and Ethics

Alison Minton, Academic Registrar

Alison Minton

Academic Registrar

Dulce Peddar

Dulce Peddar


Harriet Johnson

Chaplain and Research Fellow

Jenny Corcoran, Tutor for Lay Education, Practical Theology, and Old Testament

Jenny Corcoran

Tutor for Lay Education, Practical Theology, and Old Testament

Linda Ridgers Waite, Librarian (Southwark)

Linda Ridgers Waite

Librarian (Southwark)

Meet the most important people at St Augustine’s

Find out more about the student community at St Augustine’s and get to know the most important people at the college – your fellow students!

Teaching Staff and Fellows

Our tutors and lecturers have a well-deserved reputation for academic and teaching excellence. Not only this, our teaching staff are all attuned to the needs of each of their students, from subject-based queries to spiritual concerns.

Biblical Studies

Simon Stocks
Subject Lead; Old Testament; Biblical Hebrew

Jenny Corcoran
Old Testament

Jordan Dyck
New Testament Greek

Stephen Laird
New Testament

Alan Le Grys
New Testament; New Testament Greek

Church History

Moira Astin
Church History

James Hollingsworth
Church History and Ecclesiastical Law

Doctrine & Ethics

Guido de Graaff
Subject Lead; Doctrine; Ethics

Alan Gregory

Anthony Hammill
Doctrine; Ethics

Sam Hole

Joshua Rey
Christian Doctrine

Liturgy, Sacraments & the Arts

Alan Gregory
Subject Lead; Theology and the Arts

Charlie Bell
Liturgy and Worship

Ellen Eames
Sacramental Theology and Ministry

Roxanne Eversley
Liturgy and Worship

Chris Irvine
Sacramental Theology; Theology and the Arts

Harvey Howlett
Liturgy and Worship

Michael Payne
Sacramental Theology and Ministry

Stephen Stavrou
Liturgy and Spirituality

Mission & Evangelism

Andrea Campanale
Mission and Pioneer Ministry

Luke Larner
Theology and Practice of Mission

Spirituality & Formation

Alan Gregory
Subject Lead

Susanne Carlsson
Christian Spirituality; Spiritual Direction

Chris Chapman
Christian Spirituality

Edward Howells
Christian Spirituality and Faith Development

Ronni Lamont
Christian Education and Spiritual Development

Barnabas Palfrey
Christian Spirituality

Charlotte Sleigh
Science, faith and spirituality

Theology and Practice of Ministry

Jenny Corcoran
Subject Lead; Lay Education; Practical Theology

Ellen Eames

Jenny Morgans
Chaplaincy; Practical Theology

Stanley Njoka
Pastoral Ministry and Healthcare Chaplaincy

Lorraine Turner
Practical Theology

Diocesan Tutors

The St Augustine’s Diocesan tutors work with and support licensed ministers who are studying with us.

Rebecca Swyer
Coordinator and Tutor for IME Phase 2 (Chichester Diocese)

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