Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the College’s governing body. It is ultimately responsible for everything that happens at the College and for meeting its statutory purpose. The board does not manage the day-to-day running of the College; rather its job is to ensure the College is managed in the way it wishes it to be. The Board does this by agreeing policies, procedures and the overall strategy and then holding the Principal and staff to account for their delivery.

There are a minimum of 6 Trustees on the Board and they come from a variety of backgrounds from education to ministry. Trustees (except for the Principal who is a Trustee ex-officio) are appointed by the Members of the Charitable Company. The Members are appointed by the core dioceses and the General Synod. Trustees are appointed for a term of three years but are eligible to re-stand. The Board of Trustees normally meets six times a year.

Council of Reference

The Council of Reference provides strategic advice for the on-going policies of the college; it reviews and advises on the business plans and financial performance of the college; advises the Members of any serious matters requiring their attention; acts as a clear (but not sole) link between the college and its stakeholders; and receives, discusses and provides recommendations on reports from the Trustees.  The Council of Reference does not take on any of the powers, rights or duties of the
Members or Trustees.

Two individuals may be appointed to the Council of Reference by each of  Canterbury, Chichester, Rochester and Southwark Dioceses (appointed by the Bishop). General Synod will be invited to appoint one additional member and the articles provide that two other universities or colleges (approved for the purpose by the Trustees to ensure there is strong experience of higher education on this body) may each appoint one individual to the Council of reference. The staff of the college
will elect one member and the student body will elect two members. Any Diocese or denomination that subsequently becomes entitled to appoint a Member of the
company will also be entitled to appoint one individual to the Council of Reference.  New Articles of Association with company and charity numbers final.

Click here for a full list of members and here for a list of meeting dates.