Linda Ridgers Waite, Librarian (Southwark)

Linda Ridgers Waite

Librarian (Southwark)

I am currently on the 6 year part time Independent Student Pathway. I have spent 45 years working in HM Revenue and Customs as Inspector of Taxes, HR specialising in policy, management and as a trouble shooter. I also was involved in 2 Trade Unions at local and national level, negotiating for members both collectively and individually.

Currently, I am a volunteer steward and guide at Southwark Cathedral. I am also an assistant to the Precentor. I am Deputy Chair of the Civil Service Pensioners Alliance. In my spare time, I read voraciously, knit (badly), play the piano and learn poetry when doing my 10,000 steps a day. I enjoy living in London – keeping up with some of its rich cultural life is almost a full time job!