Neville Emslie, Tutor in Mission and Evangelism (IME Phase 2, Canterbury Diocese)

Neville Emslie

Tutor in Mission and Evangelism (IME Phase 2, Canterbury Diocese)

“A heart I am a theological educator intrigued by ministry formation, theological reflection and preaching. My contemplative side is greatly interested in poetry, and mystical and contemplative spirituality. My active side finds energy in cricket, rugby and exploring the natural world.”

Neville has been the Ministry Development Officer in the diocese of Canterbury for nearly eight years. His responsibilities include oversight of the Ministry Development Review and Continuing Ministry Development for Clergy. He is also involved in parish and deanery development as well as facilitation of events, mediation and conflict resolution.

Originally ordained a Baptist minister in his home country of New Zealand Neville pastored two churches for 13 years and taught New Testament and Koine Greek to Baptist, Anglican and Methodist ordinands. He was Principal of the School of Ministry Knox College, the Presbyterian Church’s Theological College, for five years before moving to the UK where he has worked for the Lincoln and Canterbury dioceses. Currently he teaches ‘Reflective Practice: Mission and Evangelism’ in KIME (the Canterbury/Rochester curates’ training programme), and is completing a PhD through Warwick University on ‘Emotional Intelligence and Anglican Clergy.’

Neville is married to Hilary Nabarro, a URC minister, and lives in Hythe. He plays cricket for Hawkinge CC and is a devoted All Blacks fan, of course. His favourite musician is the jazz pianist Keith Jarrett, he would love to attend opera far more than time and finances afford, and he adores Spanish art and architecture.


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Lectures, talks and conference papers

  • ‘Reflections on interviews of Archdeacons on Emotional Intelligence,’ The St Mary’s Centre Annual Symposium in Practical Theology and Religious Education, 21-23 October 2014, Noddfa, Penmaenmawr.
  • ‘Perceiving through Similitude,’ Denton Conference in Implicit Religion, 9-11 May, 2014.
  • ‘Undefended Spirituality, Undefended Communities and Undefended Leadership,’ – modules for the Accompanied Ministry Development programme, Truro diocese, 2014-2016.
  • Neville is a regular speaker and retreat leader for church and deanery conferences, often on biblical themes and particularly in Luke and Acts.