Four weeks of guided prayer and reflection on the changes taking place in our lives.

As the first tentative movements are made towards ending lockdown, what lasting difference will this time make to the shape of our lives? Whilst the future is clouded with uncertainty, what we do know is that the ‘normal’ we might one day return to will not be the one we left behind in March. Many of us have begun to question the way we have lived in the past. How do we want our future to be?

Amidst all, where is God within this time of change? Is there a direction the Holy Spirit might be drawing us, and if so how do we recognise and respond to this invitation?

Drawing on the Bible, the spiritual wisdom within the Christian tradition, poetry and the rhythms of change within the natural world, Changing Times will explore the impacts, challenges and opportunities of this unexpected season of our lives.

Each week an audio talk and an accompanying resource with prayer and reflection exercises will be posted on St. Augustine’s website.   The series will begin on Sunday, June 14th.  If you would like to take part, please follow this link.

Changing Times will be led by Chris Chapman, an Associate Tutor at St. Augustine’s College of Theology, and the author of Seeing in the Dark, Earthed in God and Send my Roots Rain: Refreshing the spiritual life of priests.


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