Psalms of Lament….
Raewynne Whiteley leads our second online retreat on Soul Songs.  Raewynne is the Deputy Director of Discipleship and Lay Ministry in the Diocese of Southwark, where her work focusses on the development of a wide range of lay ministries in the diocese, and the discernment, selection, and training of candidates; she was previously the Vocations Missioner, working with those exploring both lay and ordained vocations.  She serves as an Area Director of Ordinands, and assists in a parish as well as preaching throughout the diocese.

……. It takes courage to reclaim lament. It takes courage, because to lament goes against our culture’s passion for success. It goes against the common wisdom, that we should “get over it”, move on with our lives. It goes against the pictures of God that so many of us get fed as children or in the media — the angry authority figure who would destroy us if we dare challenge him; the abstract being who set the world running and then walked away; the blond haired blue eyed gentle Jesus, meek and mild. What it asks us instead, is to be willing to open ourselves to a God who cares what we think and what we feel, and can take whatever we say…. listen to the rest of Raewynne’s talk below.

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