Listen to “Encounters in the Wilderness”, the first episode of the new audio retreat for Lent 2024.

As Lent arrives to sweep us into a season of compassionate depravation, we invite you to listen along to the brand-new audio retreat series on the theme of Wilderness.

This five-part series will accompany you through the coming weeks of Lent – look out for a new episode every Sunday!

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What does wilderness mean to you?

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is driven into the desert to face the wilderness alone.

In this soul-charging first episode, our own chaplain, Rev Harriet Johnson guides through a reflection on what wilderness really means.

While Jesus wandered the desert, a wilderness doesn’t have to be an endless sea of sand. Perhaps wilderness can mean different things to different people?

With a weather eye on the horizon, Rev Harriet explores the meaning of wilderness so we can better find our way through it, together.

How to listen to this audio retreat episode

To listen to this episode of the Lent audio retreat, follow this link to the YouTube version of the episode or listen directly using the YouTube player below.

Alongside listening to the episode on YouTube, you download the audio in MP4 format and listen on your phone or computer.

There is no right or wrong way to listen to this audio retreat. You can listen to it as many times as you like, by yourself or with others.

If you’d like to read along with this audio retreat, you can download the transcript for this episode. You can also use the subtitles/closed captions on the YouTube video.

Resources for prayer and reflection

To accompany you on your audio journey, you can download helpful written resources, designed to help you along in your reflection and prayer.

Although it’s not necessary for you to use the downloadable resources to enjoy this audio retreat, it can add a greater dimension to your reflection and prayer.

New episodes throughout February and March

This is the first episode in a five-part series. Each Sunday of this Lent season, we’ll be releasing a new episode of this audio retreat.

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