Listen to “Esther and Jacob”, the 3rd episode of the new audio retreat for Lent 2024.

Tune for this thought-provoking new audio retreat episode and rediscover the stories of Esther – a devout woman trapped in a gilded cage – and Jacob, a man transformed through a strange encounter in the desert.

This five-part series will accompany you through the coming weeks of Lent – look out for a new episode every Sunday!

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“What if the wilderness isn’t out there, but in here?”

In this new episode, led by Rev Harriet Johnson, we turn our gaze inward toward the soul-stretching struggle that is facing one’s inner-wilderness.

We remember the story of Esther; a queen living in the lap of luxury, but cut off from her family and forced to keep her faith a secret. We examine how Esther fights back against the numbing loneliness of isolation, looking to God for a way to save her people from afar.

We also reflect on the story of Jacob, from Genesis. Despite being a wealthy and powerful man, Jacob carries inside him a wilderness of self-doubt and fear. It’s only through a strange encounter in the desert – and God’s intervention – that Jacob finds what he’s been unknowingly searching for.

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New episodes throughout February and March

This is the first episode in a five-part series. Each Sunday of this Lent season, we’ll be releasing a new episode of this audio retreat.

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