About our courses

Courses at St Augustine’s are designed for those seeking ordained or licensed lay ministry, and for anyone interested in broadening and deepening their understanding of Christian faith and practice.

Accredited by the University of Durham

In 2014 the Church of England entered into a partnership with the University of Durham to provide a single set of qualifications for ministerial education. This resulted in the Common Awards scheme, which is accredited by the University of Durham and offers qualifications from Certificate to Masters levels.

All our students study on a Common Awards programme. Under the provisions of this scheme we also work in partnership with the dioceses of Canterbury, Chichester, and Rochester to provide accredited continuing education to curates for ‘Phase 2’, the first four years following ordination.   More information about the Church of England Common Awards Scheme

For many, the initial engagement with us is through a short course or a workshop they are taking, or by signing up for a ‘taster’ module. You can find more information under Theology for Disciples.

Often, people move on to undertake a more extensive course with us. Whichever programme you follow, it will involve theological learning that unites biblical witness and the traditions of faith with contemporary life; contextual reflection that enables us to discern God’s call in the times and places of our work; and personal formation that engages our prayer and deepens our trust in God’s love, while strengthening us to minister that love to others.

In addition, we offer programmes for Initial Ministeral Education (IME), both pre- and post-ordination: