Theology for Disciples is a programme of theological studies at St Augustine’s College of Theology designed to offer courses at levels to suit your previous experience of studying theology.

These courses are designed to nurture an interest in theology for beginners. If you are interested in taking your theological studies further, why not enrol on our Biblical Studies Taster module, which provides a more structured introduction to theology.

Many of our students taking the taster module go on to continue their theology and religious studies, and progress to the Certificate (CertHE) in Theology, Ministry and Mission, then on to a Diploma, BA or MA programme.

This programme of theological studies encourages people of all backgrounds to undertake studies intended to inform and integrate faith into everyday life. Our students come from all parts of the Church of England, and beyond, and the diversity of background and experience is something which our students tell us enriches their experience of studying theology.

Beginning with a basic theology course can, and often does, develop a passion for theological studies which leads to qualifications at undergraduate and graduate level, with the possibility of specialisation in areas such as pioneer ministry or spiritual direction.

St Augustine’s is the South East’s provider of choice for non-residential, contextually based ordination training and formation, and part of the vision of the Discovering Theology programme is to emphasise the value of lay vocations alongside ordained ministry formation.

As a student on the programme, if you join us for the Biblical Studies Taster Module or any of the programmes leading to formal qualification, you’ll study alongside people following a vocation for ordination or licensed lay ministry, further broadening your experience of theological studies and deepening your exploration of your faith.

Some of our students join us on the Theology for Disciples programme to take the taster module in order to test their aptitude for theological studies whilst awaiting the outcome of their BAP, before progressing to the ordination pathway. Others join the programme as an introduction to theology and later recognise a vocation for either lay or ordained ministry. Others simply discover their appetite for studying theology and choose to progress to BA or MA level and beyond.

The flexibility of the programme makes it possible for you to join at a level which suits your previous academic experience, and to progress as you wish.

Find out more about the Discovering Theology options at St Augustine’s from Natasha Klukach, St Augustine’s Director of Lay Education.

Natasha explains how the course can deepen your connection to your faith and give you a greater understanding of God:

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If you have any questions about our Discovering Theology programme, please contact Rebecca Young at either or 01732 252656.