A couple of years ago we established the Tattersall Fund, which allows us to give much needed financial support to independent students unable to meet the full cost of fees. This is very much part of our commitment to making theological education as widely accessible as possible.  In these COVID ridden times, however, we’ve had a rise in applications and the funds now look pretty thin for next year at a point when we can’t get on with familiar fundraising efforts such as book sales, collections at services, and St Augustine’s day. To meet the needs of the next generation of students, we aim to raise another £10,000. That may sound a lot, at least it did to me, but £10,000 doesn’t go a very long way to meet the very worthy applications we receive.

Some of you will recall that back in the first lockdown when we couldn’t do the normal, we came up with the abnormal and somebody who clearly wants the perversity of the year award suggested the sickeningly embarrassing notion of hosting a staff versus students quiz show… we shall all place our reputations at public risk and suffer the laughter of our peers.  I say ‘we’ but I have strongly objected to all this on the grounds that it would undoubtably bring out the worst in us  Becky then asked me to be Quizmaster and suddenly the business sounded like a stroke of genius

Of course if you don’t fancy watching us make twits of ourselves, just go to our website and donate via the PayPal link.