Making theology study accessible – how you can help

We’re always delighted when we hear from our students and alumni how much the supportive, family atmosphere at St Augustine’s support helped them through their studies – whether with study skills assistance, help with learning differences, or simply through the generosity of guidance and flexibility which allowed them to combine their study and other life commitments.

But did you know that St Augustine’s also offers financial assistance to our students, to help make the dream of studying theology a reality for those students who might otherwise struggle to afford it?

The Tattersall Bursary fund

In 2019, John Tattersall, St Augustine’s Treasurer for the previous 12 years, laid down his abacus and moved on to other ventures. In his honour, we launched a new bursary fund to support our core mission to make theological study more available and easier to access.

The Tattersall Bursary Fund now provides financial assistance with anything from the cost of books, to travel expenses and programme fees.

In 2020, it has allowed us to provide over £11,000 of support to students. Sadly, the extraordinary events of this year have meant that more students than ever have needed our help to be able to continue with their life-changing study of theology.

Many have written to us to thank us, and to tell us how, due to Covid-19, their family incomes have been drastically reduced. We are desperately sad to hear of the hardships this causes, but are blessed that we are able to provide the means for these students to continue, or embark upon their studies.

How you can help

Since starting the fund, we have been raising money to support it through sponsored events and book sales.

With the amount of support we need to give, though, we need to raise at least another £10,000 by the end of January 2021, to allow us to support more students.

With this in mind, we are asking you, members of our wonderful community, for your ideas and participation in fundraising events between now and Christmas. If every one of our students, alumni and staff could raise just £50 each, we would be able to guarantee further support to those most in need.

If you would like to make a donation, please go to

To support the Tattersall Bursary Fund by becoming a Friend or Clergy Friend of St Augustine’s, go to:

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Thank you, and God bless.

Alan Gregory