Harriet was appointed part-time Chaplain at St Augustine’s on 1 September.  Harriet spent over 20 years working for the Foreign Office, in a mixture of jobs in London and overseas, including 4 years in Beijing and 6 in the Falkland Islands.  When she took voluntary redundancy she knew then the time was right to test her vocation to ministry and her rector sent her to see the DDO who suggested Harriet study a module at St Augustine’s. Harriet then signed on as a full-time independent student whilst going through discernment. In normal circumstances, she’d be there at the residential weekends, and available for students to talk to in person, so we’ll be looking at how that is going to work as we go on.  What we do know is that she’ll be someone for students (and staff) to talk to who isn’t part of their assessment process and is independent of their course. It means that they can talk to her, in confidence, about anything that’s troubling them – whether they are struggling with study or personal issues, having doubts about their calling or are worried about anything at all. It’s important for our students to know that their concerns can be shared.