Vicki is currently an Independent student, who joined us in September 2020 for a taster module whilst waiting for her BAP. We asked her to tell us what a difference her experience has made.

I’ve always known I wanted to give people the ‘street version’ of the Bible, using practical, accessible and modern language rather than old-fashioned biblical speak, and giving it meaning and relevance to the modern world.

As a charismatic evangelical, I felt my faith as a heart faith, but realised I didn’t have the head knowledge to back it up. I couldn’t answer questions, or explain my belief.

Studying the Introduction to Biblical Studies module with Simon Stocks opened up a whole new world of scripture understanding. I compared it to being like a sponge put into a warm bath and soaking up the knowledge that now enables me to explain my faith!

That knowledge that backs up my belief is developing my confidence in talking about faith. It doesn’t have to be complicated. What means most to people are personal stories. A friend of mine told me they don’t believe in coincidences, but in ‘God-incidences’, and with simple questions like, “what has God been doing in your life lately?” you can start to spark questions and interest in someone who doesn’t believe. Now I have the knowledge to back up my personal stories.

As I finished the taster module, I was offered the option to carry on as an Independent student for next two terms. It’s incredibly exciting to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge while I wait for my BAP (hopefully this summer), and I was really fortunate to get a bursary from the College’s Tattersall Fund to help towards my fees. As a part-time carer, it would have been difficult otherwise, so I am incredibly grateful.

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