An online retreat based on weekly audios with accompanying prayer and reflection exercises

May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

We are naturally inclined towards being in control and having a complete grasp of what’s going on. The experience of Covid has reminded us that mystery pervades our lives. We struggle to fix things, come up with answers and ‘get a grip’. Yet relationships only deepen when we let go such control and make ourselves open and vulnerable to the other. Is it time to befriend mystery? Might we thereby become more aware of beauty and less dogged by fear? Is this the way that God’s life in us, and our life in God begins to deepen?

In Meeting Mystery we will explore those life experiences where we encounter mystery and draw on insights from poets and Christian mystics to help us travel with hope along roads we do not know.

With Lyndall Bywater, Christopher Chapman and Gemma Simmonds

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