I use my phone for FB live worship, which has forced me to revert to the CW red book, which gives me at least two things to enjoy about livestream worship.

It’s good to see familiar and new faces and on the days I’m still in my PJs to have MP read to me is a rare treat. An MBTI extrovert, living on my own – I have enjoyed lockdown more than I expected. We’re all in the same boat now!

Secondly, from an evangelical tradition, where we don’t follow more than the very basic seasons of Christmas, Lent and Easter, it has been interesting to go through, Lent, Passiontide, Easter, Ascension until Pentecost. Apart from learning my way around the red book, it has given me a greater sense of time at a time when one day very much merges into another for many of us.
Leading MP on Saturdays, for St. Augustine’s College, is a privilege and a pleasure, particularly as I’m now able to do that from the Church building. That will change when the hockey season starts again on Saturdays– that is one season I definitely celebrate annually!