Barnabas Palfrey

Barnabas’s PhD awarded in 2014 from Oxford University concerned the work of North American Roman Catholic theologian, David Tracy (bn 1939). He is currently co-editing a book of essays about Tracy’s work, Beyond The Analogical Imagination: The Theological Vision of David Tracy (CUP, hopefully 2022). From 2012-19, Barnabas helped lead the MA in Christian Spirituality at Sarum College, specialising in modern and philosophical approaches as well as with a gathering interest in pre-modern Christian spirituality and theology. He has been a teacher at St Augustine’s on and off since perhaps 2017, at MA and BA level. As of March 2022, his main paid employment has been for a couple of years as a Social Prescriber in NHS Primary Care. He is looking forward to returning more fully to academic research and teaching.