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    • The photograph should be a head and shoulders passport style photograph with a plain, white background.
    • You should be looking straight into the camera, with the picture clear and in sharp focus.
    • Your eyes should be open and you should not be wearing sunglasses or tinted lenses.
    • Your clothes should contrast the colour of the background.
    • You should not be wearing a hat or other items of clothing that obstruct your face. Your face must not be obstructed or covered by anything else.
    • Photographs should be in colour.

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    Note: If you are not a native English speaker you are required to demonstrate competency in English Language for entry to Durham common Awards Programmes. Please see https://www.dur.ac.uk/learningandteaching.handbook/1/3/3/1/ for details of accepted English language proficiency tests.

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    Please tick if you have done any other courses in theology (or similar) in the past and wish to have them formally recognised as part of your proposed programme at St Augustine’s.

    For part time study – choose one of the following:

    • Evening classes at Southwark (Monday evenings – 6:30pm-9pm)
    • Online classes (Wednesday evenings – 6:30-9pm – Online attendance is available to ordinands on the basis of personal circumstances and need.)
    • Teachings days at West Malling (15 Fridays throughout the year 10:30 – 4pm)

    For full time study – choose one of the following:

    • Teaching days at West Malling (30 Fridays 10:30-4pm)
    • 2 sets of evening classes one at Southwark (Monday evenings 6:30pm-9pm) and one online (Wednesday evenings 6:30-9pm)
    • 1 set of teaching days at West Malling and evening classes at Southwark (Monday evenings 6:30pm-9pm)
    • 1 set of teaching days at West Malling and online evening classes (Wednesday evenings 6:30-9pm)