We are a planet in environmental crisis – but how can we, as Christians, begin to reckon with this?

A s people living in the very world God entrusted us to care for, how can we begin to understand and address the environmental crisis we find ourselves in?

And beyond that, how can each of begin to change the story – to care for creation, even through crisis?

This is exactly what we are hoping to help you answer, through the brand-new MA Theology course, ‘Theology for a Planet in Crisis’.

Change the world with theology in this new MA pathway

This exciting new MA pathway allows you to explore in theological depth what is perhaps the most critical issue of our time: the environmental and climate crises faced by our planet.

You’ll explore pressing questions about what the crises are, what they require of us, and how we, as Christians fit, into it all. Students will engage with a range of modules – including some exclusive to this pathway, like ‘Christian Faith and the Environment’ – via both classroom-based study and action-focused placements.

Watch a sample lecture from this exciting new MA pathway

From studying Scripture and Christian spirituality to understanding what care for creation looks like in practice, you’ll engage in life-changing theological learning through this MA pathway.

Not only will you secure an MA accredited by Durham University – you’re also acquire the means to change the world for the better.

Partnering with St John’s Waterloo

St John's Waterloo logo.This ground-breaking MA pathway is the result of the fruitful new partnership between St Augustine’s College of Theology and St John’s and St Andrew’s at Waterloo.

The historic Church of St John’s is the beating heart of Waterloo, in south London. Nestled next to the river Thames amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, this newly renovated spiritual haven is home to a diverse and inclusive community of worshippers.

With a proud history of environmental activism and commitment to sustainability, St John’s Waterloo is the perfect location to hold classes and lectures for this bold new Theology MA pathway.

Learn more about the new theology MA pathway, ‘Theology for a Planet in Crisis’ and find out what this very special course is all about.