Research at St Augustine’s

It’s common wisdom in Higher Education that good teaching is informed by research, just as the latter is shaped and enriched by classroom experience. That is why individual St Augustine’s tutors engage in ongoing study, research and writing in their areas of expertise and interest – alongside their teaching, tutoring and may other College responsibilities.

In addition, however, St Augustine’s had started to stimulate research at an institutional level, too, in the following two ways:

  • Last year, the College entered into a partnership with Durham University (with who our students are registered for their qualifications) to offer a joint PhD programme, with supervision responsibilities shared between the University and St Augustine’s. We now have two PhD students on this programme.
  • Secondly, we have begun to recruit Research Fellows: people in the South East who are pursuing research in theology and ministry (doctoral or postdoctoral, part-time or full-time), and whose affiliation with us is likely to benefit both them and us.

Together, we trust, these initiatives will help grow research as a dimension of College life. You can find the profiles of our Research Fellows and PhD students here:

If you’re interested in doctoral research at St Augustine’s, or establishing a research connection with us, do get in touch!

Guido de Graaff, Director of Studies