Then join us for our taster module.  Theology will get inside you and stir you up! If you want to live your Christian faith with renewed energy and understanding, then studying theology is the way to go. At St Augustine’s, we believe we should make theological learning as accessible as possible. If that excites you, sign up for our ‘Introduction to Biblical Studies’ ‘taster’ module. For the special price of £125, you’ll receive a term’s worth of theological education at undergraduate level. And that, as they say, is a steal.   Many of our ‘taster’ students stay on at St Augustine’s to complete a full qualification. Once you have completed the taster module, and have passed the related assignments, you can transfer into our undergraduate programme and your Biblical Studies module will count towards your certificate, diploma, or degree.    If undergraduate study seems too much to jump into at the moment, why not try our workshops? Our day and evening workshops introduce themes in Bible, Theology, and Spirituality in an engaging and approachable way. Theological learning but without the assignments!  See more information here.