Share your story as a St Augustine’s alumnus

As a member of our alumni community, we would be very grateful if you’d share some information about yourself, your studies, and your time at St Augustine’s.

None of the questions are mandatory; however, we ask you to consider sharing your name and which course you studied. There is no word/character limit, and responses can be as brief or as detailed as you like.

Why are we asking for your stories?

Stories are a fantastic way for us to illustrate what being a student, ordinand or lay reader at St Augustine’s is like – especially when that story comes from an alumnus.

By reading an account from an alumnus of the college, prospective students can discover what it’s really like to study theology or train for ministry. Plus, they can also learn about where a theology degree or ministerial training can lead to.

Finally, we simply want to spotlight and celebrate our fantastic alumni community – keep an eye out for new alumni stories coming soon!

Your data will not be shared with any other organisation; to learn more about how we store and safeguard data, read our data protection policy.