Meet some of our current and recent students and hear from them why their decision to study theology, train for ordination or train for lay readership at St Augustine’s was the right choice for them.

Charlie Bell is a part-time ordination student from Southwark diocese. Charlie explains why he switched from another college after his first year and why he chose St Augustine’s. He wanted a college that took the variety of traditions from the Church of England seriously and not just meeting people from different Church backgrounds but experiencing it in the form of worship and teaching. Charlie talks about the sense of community at St Augustine’s that it’s not just a place to learn but a place to learn and grow in your faith and in your community.

Beverley Ejimofo is an ordinand from Rochester diocese. Beverley talks about how important it was to her to train to be a minister at a college like St Augustine’s: small enough to care but large enough to be challenging and enriching.

Claire Williams talks about studying for both an MA and PhD in Theology at St Augustine’s, and how the academic rigour she has enjoyed has stretched and challenged her beyond all expectations.


Claire Williams talks further about studying both the MA and PhD at St Augustine’s.

Katrina Jenkins is a full-time ordinand from Guildford diocese. Katrina talks about the importance of the Benedictine community at Malling Abbey, and how the breadth of churchmanship and process at St Augustine’s ensures that everyone experiences many ways of being with God.


Katrina Jenkins talks further about her ordination training at St Augustine’s.


Raymond Shergilll is a part-time ordinand from Rochester diocese. Ray talks about starting with the taster course as part of his discernment process.


Ollie Phipps is a part-time ordinand from Rochester diocese. When exploring theology colleges, Ollie found people just like him at St Augustine’s – people who combined study with often stressful part- and full-time jobs.


Susan Patterson has just completed her Southwark Reader training at St Augustine’s. Susan talks about the breadth of churchmanship she experiences at St Augustine’s along with the intellectual challenge which has deepened her faith.


Tom Brown is an independent student studying theology at St Augustine’s. He talks about how the study support at St Augustine’s has enabled him to flourish academically despite his battle with dyslexia. Tom also talks about the diversity of the student body and how it has enriched his own faith.


Find out more about the diversity of our students here at St Augustine’s, and why it is so important for their formation.