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Listen to “Being Present”, the second episode of this exciting seasonal series.

This week, we’re sharing the second installment of our 4-part ‘Door to Hope’ Advent Audio Retreat series.

Written and produced by St Augustine’s Tutor in Christian Spirituality
Chris Chapman and College Chaplain Rev Harriet Johnson, this audio retreat explores a range of topics anchored around the theme of hope.

If you haven’t already listened to the first episode, we invite you to check out Episode 1: “When Things Fall Apart”; however, you can enjoy this episode as a standalone retreat if you prefer.

“Emmanuel means ‘God with us'”

This week, Rev Harriet will be guiding us through a compassionate meditation on the challenges of remaining present in a busy and, often, over-wrought world.

While we are often encouraged during Advent to think back over 2,000 years ago to the birth of Christ, we can also find God in the here and now. Similarly, while we hold hopes and concerns for the future, we needn’t stray beyond the very moment we’re in right now to find hope.

Emmanuel, after all, means “God with us” and as we sing these timely Advent hymns, we remember that He is with us today, right here and now.

Join Rev Harriet in an exploration of art, song, and inspiration drawing from the Annunciation of Mary, and let’s welcome the light of hope through our door this very moment.

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Resources for prayer and reflection

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Although it’s not necessary for you to use the downloadable resources to enjoy this audio retreat, it can add a greater dimension to your reflection and prayer.

Furthermore, this episode discusses two pieces of art; you can find copies of these pieces in the resource for you to look over as you listen.

New episodes launching throughout December

This is the second episode in a four-part series on the theme of ‘The Door to Hope’.

Each Sunday of this Advent season, we’ll be releasing a new episode of this audio retreat, so look out for next week’s episode.

To read about and listen to last week’s episode, follow this link to Episode 1: “When Things Falls Apart”.

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