As the academic year comes to a close, we are sorry to be saying goodbye to those who are leaving us. They include those who have completed Phase 1 of their training for Ordained ministry, most of whom will be ordained deacon over the coming weeks. So we offer our thanks and prayers for:
Eucharia Asiegbu
Geoff Abasolo-Munnery
Henry Akingbemisilu
Janice Bartholomew
Charlie Bell
Anna Bouch
Tim Brunt
Karen Burgess
Ben Cahill-Nicholls
Nick Carpenter
Jeremy Cavanagh
Mandy Clampin
Claire Coleman
Sylvia Collins Mayo
Andrew Edwards
Mark Edwards
Leigh Engeham
Katrina Jenkins
Rupert Jones
Lizzie Longhurst
Susan Manners
Donna McDowell
Anthea Mitchell
Helen Musson
Debbie Onyekwuluje
Mark Packer
Joe Padfield
Francesca Perlman
Janice Price
Ethlyn Roy-Jonson
Jayne Shillito
Jules Soanes
Caroline Turvey
Helga Zunde-Baker