If you’ve found your way to this page then you’re probably thinking seriously about applying to study theology at St Augustine’s. Whether you are intending to study as an independent student, or are in discernment for training to become an ordained minister or licensed lay minister, welcome.

Whatever your reasons for studying theology, your choice of a theological college is an important one. If you have already visited St. Augustine’s but still have questions, please contact us by phone or email. We want to help you make an informed decision, alert to the leading of God. If you haven’t yet visited us, let us know and, and we’ll organise a time to visit us (COVID permitting).

If you’re ready to apply, on this page you will find links to the application forms for all of the theology courses offered here. There are different forms for different course, so please follow the links to the right application form for your course.

Watch this short video to find out more about what to expect when you apply to study theology at St Augustine’s.

Entry requirements: Before applying, please read the entry requirements page.

Fees: Please note that if you are applying for any course other than Ordained Ministry or Reader in Training (ie you are an Independent Student), you will be responsible for paying your own fees. See the fees and finance page for more information.

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  1. Apply for Ordination Training

    If you are ready to apply for a place at a theological college for ordination training, you will have already completed a significant process of discernment in your diocese or denominational body responsible for vocations. You may even have received a formal recommendation for training from a Bishop’s Advisory Panel (BAP) or a similar denominational body. If you wish to join us as an Ordained Ministry student, please complete this application form.

  2.  Apply a taster module

    To apply for a single ‘taster’ module, please complete this application form.

    If you are undertaking discernment and it has been recommended that you try a taster module, please complete this form. Please note that in this case, you are an independent student, and are responsible for paying your own fees for the module.

  3. Apply for Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses

    To apply to enrol on any of our undergraduate or postgraduate courses as an independent student, please complete this application form.

    You are an independent student if you are not being sponsored by your church for ordination training or licensed lay ministry training/Reader in training. If, as part of your discernment, it has been recommended that you try a taster module, you are an independent student, but please complete the taster module application form below.

  4. Apply for Licensed Lay Minister or Pioneer Ministry training

    If you wish to join us as a Reader or Pioneer student (LLM), please complete this application form.

  5. Apply for Biblical Languages

    If would you like to apply for any of our ‘biblical languages’ modules, please complete this application form.

  6. Apply for phase 2

    If you are a curate from Canterbury, Chichester or Rochester dioceses and you wish to apply to phase 2 training, you will need to contact your diocesan phase 2 co-ordinator first.

Applying for APL (Accrediation of Prior Learning)

If you have already met most or all of the relevant learning outcomes, you can sometimes be exempted from modules that are part of the Common Awards programme. This is called the “Accreditation of Prior Learning” .  See link for more information.