Our student community brings a diversity of life experience and skills with them, with a wide range of academic experience, and all are welcomed and supported.

You may have studied at degree level or higher, several decades ago, have more recent academic experience, or have little or no academic experience at all.

For some of our students, academic study promises excitement and interest. For others, though, past experience makes the whole idea of study and, especially, writing papers and completing assignments, feel daunting.  See this clip from Tom Brown, an independent student studying theology at St Augustine’s.  Tom talks about how the study support at St Augustine’s has enabled him to flourish academically despite his battle with dyslexia.

At St Augustine’s, we value the range of educational experiences you bring, and provide a corresponding range of support, from guidance on specific issues to in-depth coaching.

We have a member of staff, Suzy Gregory, devoted to helping you to master the academic side of your formation. Suzy is an experienced teacher who will work with you to find out your ‘starting point’ and give you the in-depth coaching or feedback that you need as you gain confidence.

Find out more about Suzy.

We believe, because our students tell us, that the level of support we offer is quite unusual. Our approach is very much based on helping you to build your confidence – whether you consider yourself to be an academic beginner or already adept.

Support with leading worship

For many of our students, the ability to confidently lead and support worship, whether from the front or from the congregation, will become an important skill. You may already be a confident public speaker or singer, but if not, you’ll benefit from the coaching that we can offer, learning how to project your voice effectively and take the solo lead when needed.

Learning differently

Our student support encompasses helping students with learning differences, and everyone is encouraged to ask for help if they need it. On occasion, a student comes to us with previously unidentified learning differences – such as dyslexia. Suzy’s training and experience allows her to help students to identify why they struggle in certain areas, and that discovery can be life-changing.

See this clip of Suzy and some students talking about the study support at St Augustine’s: https://youtu.be/awjHmtoMi1A

Please do contact us with any questions about study support.

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