Try out theology study with a 10-week Taster Term at St Augustine’s College of Theology

Have you ever thought about what it’d be like to study theology at university?

Maybe you’re curious about studying Scripture or learning about the history of the Church?

Does the thought of years of serious study put you off exploring your interest in theology?

If so, St Augustine’s College of Theology may have just the thing for you: Taster Terms.

A taster term gives you the opportunity to try academic learning on for size. All the satisfaction, fun and spiritual challenge of a theology class, without the degree-level commitment.

What is a theology Taster Term?

A taster term is a single module of a university-level theology course. They’re taught via weekly or fortnightly classes over 10 to 12 weeks.

All of our taster terms are lifted from our Durham University accredited degree programs in Theology, Ministry and Mission. Our taster terms can be broken down into two key categories:

  1. Introductory taster terms – Ideal for people who are totally new to theology or academic-level study. No experience required!
  2. MA level taster terms – Suitable for those who’ve studied theology at Higher education level in the past. You may need certain academic experience to get the most out of your experience.

Why do people study theology taster terms?

As a Taster Term student, you’ll join in with real theology classes, learning alongside St Augustine’s students and being taught by our experienced tutors and lecturers.

There are lots of reasons people choose to study Taster Terms at St Augustine’s, but here are the headlines.

To see what it’s like to study theology at university-level

Taster terms are a great tool when you’re deciding whether university-level theology study is for you. While you receive the theology student experience, you haven’t committed to studying a full degree.

With Taster Terms, your course only lasts for a single academic term, it costs a fraction of a full program of study, and there’s no real pressure to perform or become a top student.

For a one-off learning experience

Whether you choose to enroll in further study after completing a taster term or not, studying theology is an experience that’s always well worth undertaking.

There’s no pressure to apply to study for a full degree after completing a Taster Term. You can choose to sign up for another or explore different ways to study theology, such as via our Biblical Languages courses.

As part of a discernment process

Taster terms are ideal for people who are going through the discernment process and considering a call to ministry.

You can take Taster Terms as part of your formal discernment at the direction of your diocese, or you can sign up before engaging in a Church-sponsored ministerial program.

How do Taster Terms work at St Augustine’s?

Taster Terms are single theology modules which are taught over one academic term; typically, that’s 3 months, or 10 weeks.

They begin at the start of every new academic term, which means every September, January, and April. Different Taster Terms are taught at different times over the academic year – you may need to wait until your preferred Taster Term rolls round again before you can start your studies.

How much do Taster Terms cost?

Taster Terms are not free, however, they’re a fraction of the cost of a full degree program.

The introductory Taster Terms cost £250, and the MA level taster terms are £500.

Where do you attend classes for theology Taster Terms?

As part of your Taster Term, you’ll attend classes either in-person or virtually.

Depending on which Taster Term you choose, you may attend classes in one of three locations:

Teaching days at the West Malling campus

Location: West Malling Campus (in Kent)
Day: Fridays (Fortnightly)
Time: 10:30am – 4:00pm

Evening classes at the Southwark (London) campus

Location: Southwark Campus (in London, off Borough High Street)
Day: Mondays (weekly)
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Online evening classes

Location: Online classes via Zoom
Day: Wednesdays (weekly)
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Who can study theology Taster Terms?

In the case of our introductory Taster Terms, absolutely anyone can sign up.

While there are some basic admission criteria, you don’t need any academic experience and no one’s going to ask to see your O-Level results!

While an interest in theology is recommended, it’s certainly not compulsory. You don’t need to be an avid church-goer or member of a congregation, nor do you need to hail from a particular branch of the Church of England.

If you’re brand new to studying theology or Higher Education learning, we recommend our two introductory taster terms:

For the MA level taster terms, we usually require a certain level of academic experience, such as studying theology or a similar subject at university-level.

However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. As long as we’re confident you have everything you need to get the most out of your Taster Term experience, we’re happy to discuss enrollment to MA-level Taster Terms even if you don’t have the recommended academic experience

Can I study Taster Terms while working or fulfilling caring responsibilities?

Taster Terms are offer you a sample of the theology student experience and are, therefore, ideal for those wishing to balance study with day-to-day life.

While there is some level of commitment, we offer flexible learning pathways. You can choose to study at either of Kent or London campuses, and many of the Taster Terms can be studied exclusively online.

As a Taster Terms student, we recommend you set aside 10 hours of independent study per week (outside of your classroom time).

Here’s how that can be broken down over a week:

  • 5 hours of study per weeknight (excluding the day you attend class) and 4 hours of study over the weekend.
  • 1 hour of study in the morning and 1.5 hours in the evening for three non-consecutive weekdays, and 2.5 hours of study over the weekend.
  • 6 hours of study over the weekend, and 2 hours of study on 2 weeknights.

As part of your studies, you will be expected to complete two written assignments. There is help available for those who may support in essay-writing and we can offer some flexibility with deadlines.

How do you sign up for a Taster Term?

To begin studying a Taster Term at St Augustine’s, all you need to do is:

  1. Decide which Taster Term you’d like to study, taking into consideration whether the introductory or MA-level courses would suit you best.
  2. Sign up for your chosen Taster Term online and submit payment.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be enrolled on the course and our admissions team will contact you with details on your induction.

If you’re having trouble signing up for your chosen Taster Term, get in touch with our friendly admissions team on 01732 252 656 or email