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Listen to “Waiting”, the third episode of this seasonal Audio Retreat

Today, on the third Sunday of Advent, we’re sharing with you the third episode of the much-anticipated ‘Door to Hope’ Advent Audio Retreat series.

Written and produced by St Augustine’s Tutor in Christian Spirituality
Chris Chapman and College Chaplain Rev Harriet Johnson, this audio retreat series allows us to take a journey through audio and visual means, exploring the theme of hope.

If you haven’t already listened to the first two episodes, we invite you to listen to Episode 1: “When Things Fall Apart” and Episode 2: “Being Present”. However, you don’t need to have heard the previous two episodes to enjoy this one.

What does it mean to wait in readiness for God?

As we count down the days of Advent – perhaps opening a new door on our advent calendar each morning, or lighting the Advent candle on each Sunday – we are reminded just how much Advent is about waiting.

During Advent, we await the celebration of Christmas, but we also experience a sense of expectation. After all, we know what Christ’s coming over 2,000 years ago was like. We recognise that, perhaps, this knowledge gives us certain expectations of what God’s plans for creation are.

However, Advent is also a time to practice waiting without expectation. As we observe this sacred time, we can practice being alert and watchful for God.

This is not always easy (waiting rarely is!) but unless we can find our way into a state of open, unassuming waiting, we may well miss God appearing to us – especially if He is doing so in a way that defies our expectations.

How to listen to this audio retreat episode

To listen to this episode of the Easter People audio retreat, follow this link to the YouTube version of the episode or listen directly using the YouTube player below.

There is no right or wrong way to listen to this audio retreat. You can listen to it as many times as you like, by yourself or with others.

If you’d like to read along with this audio retreat, you can download the transcript for this episode. You can also use the subtitles/closed captions on the YouTube video.

Alongside listening to the episode on YouTube, you download the audio in MP4 format and listen on your phone or computer.

Resources for prayer and reflection

There is no right or wrong way to listen to this audio retreat. You can listen to it as many times as you like, by yourself or with others.

To accompany you on your audio journey, you can download a corresponding written and visual resource, designed to help you along in your reflection and prayer.

While you don’t need the resource sheet to enjoy the retreat, it can allow you to greater opportunity for reflection and prayer. It also includes a copy of the image below, mentioned during this episode.

The resource also includes links to suggested musical accompaniments for this episode; two versions of “Wait for the Lord” by Jacques Berthie.

You can also access the music via the links below, on YouTube.

New episodes throughout December

This is the second episode in a four-part series on the theme of ‘The Door to Hope’.

Each Sunday of this Advent season, we’ll be releasing a new episode of this audio retreat, so look out for next week’s episode.

To read about and listen to the first two episodes, follow the links below:

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