Listen to “Wilderness in the Everyday”, the 4th episode of the new audio retreat for Lent 2024.

Come with us to revisit two poignant stories from the Gospel of Luke and explore how, through the compassion of Jesus Christ, two people were delivered from the wilderness of their own lives.

This five-part series will accompany you through the coming weeks of Lent – look out for a new episode every Sunday!

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When you live in isolation, a crowded street may as well be a wilderness

In the last episode of this audio retreat, we looked to the wilderness within. This week, we reflect on how isolation, rejection, and physical or mental illness can turn one’s own community into a lonely wilderness.

To guide us through this difficult topic, we turn to the Gospel of Luke to hear the stories of two people delivered from the wilderness of their very existence; the Demoniac of Gerasene and the unnamed bleeding woman.

Both of these figures live a life of suffering and isolation, excluded from their communities and existing in a state of perpetual wilderness. It’s fitting, then, that the person who should heal them and bring them back into the bosom of their people is Jesus Christ.

In this episode, we explore how perhaps more than anyone else, Jesus understands the pain of living together yet apart from one’s fellow man – and how it’s possible to feel lonely in a room full of people.

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