New Testament Greek

Understand the Bible as it was originally written and explore how translation impacts our understanding of the New Testament with this flexible six-month language course.

Key info

  • Duration: Autumn, Winter & Spring term (September to June)
  • Location: West Malling campus or Southwark campus
  • Entry requirements: None
  • Qualification level: Worth 10 credits
  • Cost: £600 (£200 per term) or free to current students

About the course

For those unfamiliar with New Testament Greek, this beginners’ language course is a fantastic way to develop both a grounding in the language and a comprehensive knowledge of the basic tools of translation.

This course is suitable for both existing St Augustine’s students and learners who wish to engage in this field of study for their own enrichment. You’ll be learning alongside a diverse group of students and attending classes at either our West Malling campus or Southwark campus.

Once you’ve completed the beginners’ course or demonstrated an existing familiarity with New Testament Greek, you can engage with our intermediate classes to further develop your fluency and understanding.

“During your studies, you will engage with up-to-date scholarship on the relevant texts. You’ll explore a range of subjects, including matters of history and literary analysis, background and theology.”

Rev Dr Simon Stocks
Senior Tutor

Where and when will I be studying?

  • Autumn term: September to December (with a reading week in October)
  • Winter term: January to March (with a reading week in February)
  • Spring term: March to June (with a 3 week break for Easter)

You have the option of attending classes at either our West Malling campus or Southwark campus. Class times are as follows:

Beginners’ Greek

  • Southwark: Mon. 5-6pm (Jordan Dyck)
  • West Malling: Wednesday 2-3pm (Alan Le Grys)
  • Online: Tues. 7-8pm (Jordan Dyck)

Intermediate Greek

  • West Malling: Wednesday 3-4pm (Alan Le Grys)

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Frequently asked questions

Alongside your weekly classes, you will be expected to engage in a modest amount of weekly homework to consolidate in-class learning.

Those taking the course for credit (such as existing St Augustine’s students) will need to complete a limited number of assessment tests which provide both a focus and a target for progression to further studies in Greek.

This online course is open to anyone, and you do not need to have any academic qualifications to enrol. Once you’ve completed the beginners’ course, you may wish to progress to the intermediate modules to further develop your fluency and understanding.

Fees: £150 per term and, therefore, £300 if you choose to complete the full course. This course is free to current St Augustine’s students.

As part of our commitment to making theological studies accessible to all, we have established the Tattersall Fund. This fund provides bursaries in support of students whose personal circumstances may mean that finance is a barrier to their studying.

Applying for a bursary to help towards the cost of fees, books or travel is simple and non-intrusive. Find out more about bursaries and how to apply.

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