Listen to “The Wilderness of Grief”, the final episode of the 2024 Lent Audio Retreat Series.

Welcome to final episode of this special Lentern Audio Retreat series on the theme of wilderness.

This week marks the beginning of the season of Passion Tide, when we look ahead to Palm Sunday and Holy Week and begin to glimpse the end of the wilderness of Lent.

But before we step out of the wasteland, we face what may well be the hardest kind of wilderness we can ever encounter: grief.

Whether we know it’s coming or it catches us unawares – grief is a wilderness that changes everything

Grief is, in many ways, a wilderness – and it is this wilderness that Jesus’ followers are thrust into after his death. Only a few days ago, they were accompanying Christ into Jerusalem. Now, their worlds are turned upside down and robbed of rhyme and reason.

This audio retreat reflects on the experiences of three people during this time. It’s here that we join Mary Magdalene, sitting in the garden by the tomb on Sunday morning. All she wants in the world is to hear the voice of someone who’s gone forever; it’s a wish she never expects to be fulfilled.

Alongside Mary, this retreat also follows two travellers out of Jerusalem. They carry their broken hearts with them as they take the road to Emmaus, missing their beloved teacher and grieving his death. Eventually, they are joined by a stranger, who is somehow familiar to them…

As we follow their stories and listen along to Rev Harriet Johnson’s words, we examine the wilderness of grief – and remember that, through God, we can find our way through to the other side.

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