• Ordinands and Readers in Training
    If you are accepted as an Ordinand or on the Licensed Lay Ministry programme, your fees will be paid directly to St Augustine’s College of Theology by your sponsoring church. This will cover all your training, teaching session and attendance at residential schools. You should consider the cost of travel to and from your home to your place of study, and the costs of text books and other study materials. Ordinands may claim reimbursement of travel costs from Ministry Division, which also provides a small book grant.
  • Independent students (Bursaries available)
    As an Independent student, you are responsible for paying your fees yourself. The fees for the 2019/20 academic year are:

    Full-time (per year)Part-time (per year)
    HE Certificate/HE Diploma/BA(Hons) in Theology, Ministry and Mission.£5,400
    (normally 3 years, full-time to achieve the BA)
    (normally 6 years, part-time to achieve the BA)
    Taster module (Introduction to Biblical Studies) without university accreditation, and so not credited toward a formal qualification.N/A£125 per module
    One off (uncredited modules)N/A£500 per module
    MA in Theology£5,400£2,700